Our Vision

It all started with an idea.


The Outflow began as an idea from a few friends who wanted to bring Christmas to the Streets in Uganda. It was first approached in December of 2015 where a small team went out on the streets and was able to give meals to 300 children living on the streets and in the slums of Kampala Uganda. Over 10,000+ children are living the streets, ghettos and growing number of orphan’s numbers growing every day. Children living on the streets of Kampala, Kisenyi, Jinja, Mbale, and Aura it’s a case that has spread country wide. This due to poverty, physical, emotional abuses and orphans with in different homes.The Outflow seeks to make a difference in the lives of children that are living on the streets and/or living in extreme poverty in Uganda and instilling the word of God into the lives of the people that we meet.

. The Outflow focuses the protection and advocacy for the children living on the streets and in extreme poverty in Kampala and throughout Eastern Africa as well. The hope with the Outflow is to build confidence in the children that are in the program and that they get the right rehabilitation and counseling needed to be able to go back to school or learn a life skill to keep them off the streets. 


Shannen Kennedy
Team Leader, Mentor

 Christmas on the Streets 2018

Christmas on the Streets 2018