What We're About


In Uganda…

-Over 10,000+ children are living the streets and that number is growing every day. -There are children living on the streets of all over Uganda: Kampala ,Kisenyi, Jinja, Mbale, Arua. It’s a case that has spread country wide and it needs to be addressed.

-Many of the children are mistreated by the adults and community around them and are subject to all forms of physical and sexual abuse.

-A few of the street kids have had a chance to get help from NGO’S but many children still move and stay on the streets without food and proper care.

It all starts with YOU!

This year we want to take Christmas to the streets. Our hope is to feed 1,000 children. Create awareness and show the love of Jesus to these children who may not have access to all of the things that we are so privileged to experience year after year.